amateur gypsy (wystel) wrote,
amateur gypsy

to what extent are people liable for injuries they cannot see? i realize that i am nowhere near death, but that doesn't stop me from being unhappy that my vision has been permanently compromised. this is not something anyone else can see -- the odd thing is that a broken leg would have caused more of a stir -- and no one ever would have expected me to finish dancing and do three more performances -- even now, no one can *see* anything wrong with me, and nothing in my appearance or actions would give any sign of injury. but a broken leg (usually) heals, and people usually feel sorry when they've caused one -- whereas with this, no one even offered to take me to the hospital, and certainly no one said she was sorry. and i of course behaved like some kind of crazy dance warrior and went on because things MUST go on, and no one could make them go on except me. stupid. i should have taken better care of myself because obviously no one else would (possibly a recurring theme in my life).

i would feel sorry if i had done this to someone else.

people respond to blood and nothing else.

i'm editing this to say that i am not blind and, though unhappy that my vision isn't what it was, i am very, very, very grateful that i am not blind.
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