amateur gypsy (wystel) wrote,
amateur gypsy

so busy i don't have time to eat

which is great, except for the horrible hunger that hits you after 8-10 hours that leads to random animalistic snarfing of carbs.

so much is happening! so much! the calendar doesn't even express it. for instance, paid work. i'm still getting paid in taiwan this month, so i wasn't worried yet -- but without looking, a freelance editing gig fell in my lap (via a friend who couldn't do it herself), and then, in part because i am looking, a freelance writing gig (via a friend who works for this company). the writing could be a good little job to have, since it's totally free schedule and done from "home" (for people who have them). i'm a real artist now, working by the gig (note to readers: this is irony; please understand. (the part that makes me a real artist is my homelessness)). (everything comes and overlaps -- the editing with handing in grades for my classes -- the writing with the editing -- and -- well, just wait for below)

two saturdays ago i showed photos at a salon -- a salon at which i have previously danced (several times) and read poems -- and at which i had felt i no longer belonged/had been relatively chased out. i think it went well -- people genuinely responded and felt moved by the work, though i thought it looked wretched on the projector (i also inadvertently learned some things about projectors and color balance in a sweaty 20 minutes before the show began). one of the people in the audience was an honest-to-god gallerist -- and he said he liked the work!! ! !

he invited me to take a look at his gallery, which meant that i spent several hours there while he explained the work. that he discovers emerging artists. that he's exhibited some of them for 20 years. i didn't love it all, but i loved a lot of it, and it made me realize that what i'm missing in my own work is a handmade component (i mean, this is why i hesitate to call what i do "work" -- it's not work at all. it's just seeing). that what might be most important to a gallery is to have a beautiful OBJECT. this has been troubling me about my "work" anyway -- that right now it is really raw. putting together a book was a step in a certain kind of construction (and also fairly logical, given my background) -- but i need to start thinking in more dimensions --

also a dancer/choreographer who had never liked me much (though i admired and admire him) without my asking at all invited me to his company class and said we should play in the studio. i may have already reported this, since it was mindblowing and exciting. also that he echoed back to me exactly what i had said to someone else about what i wanted from dance now -- which is some way to use what i have learned in a meaningful way -- and that i might have to make the work happen myself, since no one else is going to make it for me --

also i am definitely making a dance for the next salon and i may have engaged a poet (and friend) to play the piano for me.

also i am probably making another dance for another salon and another dancer.

also i am teaching summer school in san francisco.

also i need to follow up on the actual book.

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