amateur gypsy (wystel) wrote,
amateur gypsy

i can't help it and i know it is insane but i am having ridiculous cravings for the very unforgiving midwest. i mean the lake in the early morning, clear enough to see the rocks at the bottom. i mean the lake in the afternoon and the wind rushing over it. i mean the lake in the evening and the hollow glunk glunk it makes as it washes underneath the cement blocks at the point. i mean the way the buildings all rise over you, magnificent as mountains, and how you feel very small walking the boulevards. i mean the very grand architecture and the very splendid artwork. i love the bay area, i do. people here are so much nicer. there's work i can do here that i sure as hell could not in chicago. the weather is mighty fine. and it's ok to have quirks and be sensitive, which chicago does not love or allow at all. i think i am happier here. i have some friends my age. i have project after project (three, four at a time). but i'm not content (am i ever??? let's be serious). my mind needs more. oh, i think what is is is (hahaha. ok, i'm not even going to honor that construction with an ending)

life is good! it is!
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